Solid history, solid future.

Historiek Only 2 years after founding 'Jeugd en Luchtvaart' ('Youth and Aviation'), the organisation was approached to organise a unique event. They received a request to organise an 'Aviation Day' for disabled children. In 1971, 900 children received their first 'air baptism' and experienced the World of Aviation.

Other firms and organisations joined this recurring event in the following years. Different approaches are set out, e.g. ferry flights between Ostend, Liege, Charleroi and Antwerp.

Frank Sanders, changed the format in 1978. The home base remained Antwerp and every operator with interests at this airport were asked to participate. Participant numbers increased rapidly, crossing language barriers and boundaries.

The patron of the event is Minister of State, Sir Kinsbergen.

This unique air festival owes its success to just one explanation: The continued commitment of the airport staff, airline crews, and the volunteers of Youth and Aviation. The event is supported by all airport-related organisations.

There is no worldwide equivalent. It takes a little madness of all to give the best of themselves voluntarily, to create that moment were the children meet with the sky.

In 2002, on Day 25, Youth and Aviation received the recognition of the Royal Family. It was very heart-warming. The Royal visit of Prince Fillip and Princess Mathilde, was very enjoyable, for both the volunteers and the participants.

Now, 27 Days have happened since the start-up in 1971!

The inspirer and original organising force was Frank Sanders who passed away in June 2006. Now 4 enthusiastic people take over his mission: Staf Joosen, Frank De Meyer, Chris De Block and Sarah Sanders. The unique event cannot be lost! Dédée Sanders – Van Vlasselaer has also joined the young team, offering her support and bringing years of experience.

The event ,"The Day" as it is known at Antwerp Airport it’s proud home base, has taken a new name: Wings for Children.

The young team has taken over and created their own way and 'wings' to continue, under the 'wingtip' of Youth and Aviation. However, they will never be alone: supported by so many who feel it as an honour to see the growing smile on the children’s faces... by giving wings to children.

Only by joining together can we create.