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Wings for Children

Wings for Children's Fly Day is a bi-annual charity event, organised in co-operation with the organisation 'Youth and Aviation' and is unique. Crossing language barriers and boundaries, children with limitations get their first 'Air Experience'. They are quite literally 'High in the Sky'.

A reception is held and each child receives gifts and a unique certificate and is given a guided tour of the airport.

This Fly Day gives disabled children a completely new experience and helps them forget the problems of everyday life. Their carers are also included and they have the opportunity to enjoy the day with the children as they get to admire their children's 'talking faces' together with us.

Since Day 27 in 2007, the charity has been run by 4 enthusiastic volunteers, who have taken over the mission of the late Frank Sanders, who started the Fly Day in 1971. They are flanked by Dédée Sanders – Van Vlasselaer, who adds her experience of working with her husband, and they have seen the event expand into a heart-warming and regular event that is internationally recognised and which has a lasting effect on the lives of the people it aims to help.

This unique event is supported by all the relevant authorities, the airlines, the aviation industry, many sponsors and volunteers.

This cannot happen without the generous support from many people whose hearts have been touched in previous years and who donate their time and expertise whilst being happy to remain out of the spotlight.

On 'Fly Day' we would like to invite you to admire the commitment of all companies, pilots and crew and to witness the admirable 'force' of the airport staff, and see, first hand, that the first priority for all is to 'give wings'.

The return? We see the smile of a happy child.

The organisation Dédée, Frank, Karl, Chris and Sarah